For the LOVE of the SOO!

We LOVE our original home in Sault Ste. Marie! With Korina from the Ontario side and Zak from the Michigan side, the twin Soo’s are just special. From the beautiful blue sky days watching the ships pass through the locks, to the wonderful spirit of the people and all else in between!It was during a summer trip in 2016, that a new idea came to us! While strolling the streets and venturing off to watch the freighters travel through the locks, we realized how great it would be to enjoy one of our favorite treats, a fresh Crepe. We envisioned these crepes being made in an open window, in a small quaint shop with a view of the locks! We began thinking of a name for this little shop, a name that would be fun and not too sophisticated, because heck, we just wanted a good ol’ crepe!Well in the summer of 2017 we took those laughs and turned them into permanent smiles when we opened Oh Crepe right across the street from the main gates of our beloved Soo Locks!  We didn’t do it alone, we borrowed our chef Jacob Matuszak from our restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan, (Prost! Wine Bar and Charcuterie), and with his talent the crepes were perfected and a menu was made!  Together with our wonderful crew, we spin crepes while enjoying all that the Sault has to offer while looking out of our windows!  Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, we have just the right crepe for you! We look forward to spinning your crepe!

Zak & Korina